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I Don’t Think These are in the Excerpt Books

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I must have written this memo to the orchestra while I was lost in a flash sideways or something, because weren’t we just doing Mahler???

Dear Orchestra,

This is to let you know that the Video Games Live people no longer send the orchestra’s music in advance, but instead bring everything the first day of rehearsal.

Therefore, they have provided a link from which you can see and/or download practice copies of all of the parts. [Link, user name and password edited out for blog.]

Please note that the “O” in the password is a capital “O” – NOT A ZERO.

Attached is the concert set list for our performances. The numbers in parentheses relate to the numbered selections on the download file. So, if you want to practice “Diablo III-Wrathgate Zero” you go to #37 on the list of selections and click on “Diablo III.”

The instrumentation, in addition to strings, is also attached.

Let me know if you have any questions,


PS. Although I probably won’t know the answers to your questions, as I have no idea what those titles mean, except for Frogger and Mario.


3 Responses to 'I Don’t Think These are in the Excerpt Books'

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  1. Sebastian said,

    Thanks for sharing. Hilarious! Our line of work contains quite a lot of different stuff.

  2. elaine said,

    So THAT’S how Video Games Live gets their music out! Thank you for revealing that! I had been wondering ever since I performed with them (Kind of. My band was featured with them ages ago.), and I’m encouraged to know now that video game music knowledge isn’t entirely irrelevant in this field anymore!

    Just a warning though: I hear those same composers and arrangers are branching out more and more into non-commercial compositions (e.g. video game, soundtrack, etc.) so time may come that we need to have the names in our brains too. Funny…

  3. kschnack said,

    You mean pretty soon I’ll be cataloguing works under “Diablo III” and such? Oh my. Well, there’s never a dull moment!!

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