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Thank You Jeff.

Posted in The Business by kschnack on October 4, 2009
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As this week went from near-sanity to complete madness (I’ll have to get back to you on that), I was glad to have a laugh when I saw Jeff Curnow’s new video.  Jeff is Associate Principal Trumpet in Philly, and he used to be Principal Trumpet here in Dallas.  I assume most of you have seen his hilarious short videos taking on all manner of indignities in this profession from a trumpet player’s perspective.  But if you haven’t you should watch them immediately.  What cannot be truly conveyed in hundreds of words is instantly captured on these videos, many of them innocuously named “Trumpet Tips” as if you are about to get a serious lesson.  They are lessons alright, and ones you will never forget!

This latest one is the first in a new series called “What’s Bothering Jeff?” on Drew McManus’ blog Inside the Arts. When my husband and I watched this we about fell out of our chairs laughing so hard.  Here you go (and check out the great website while you’re at it, all kinds of good stuff there):

There’s the one about taking auditions, to which I’m sure everyone relates:

And librarians certainly feel his pain about pops:

But my favorite is still the first one I ever saw in which conductors (sorry, conductors out there, but you have to admit this is funny!) take it on the chin, literally:

Jeff, we are so glad you have found a productive and therapeutic way to channel the dark side.  Keep ’em comin’, we are counting on you.  Otherwise we might just lose it.


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