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Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on August 25, 2009

Holy Cow.

I thought I had adequately prepared myself for the start of the new season.  You’d think after all these years it wouldn’t come as such a shock to the system. I had a nice vacation, good time away, slowed down and saw some of the world outside the library, hiked in the mountains, visited family and friends, ate too much, of course was terribly moderate with the wine and chocolate intake, read in the middle of the day, did crossword puzzles, shopped, bought more shoes I didn’t need, played in the garden and worked in the yard, watched too many movies and shows that had been TiVo’d over the past year, wrote this blog, and sometimes did nothing at all. Even took naps in the afternoon.  And the morning!

So, when I came back to the  library I was rested and ready to go.  Everyone who works in the library — full or part-time — had done an amazing amount of music prep over the summer in order for us to be ready to get folders out for the “fall” (it’s still so bloody hot here one must use that word rather tongue-in-cheek at the moment).  We are just like every other orchestra library out there — we want to have as much music finished and ready so when y’awl come back you have lots of parts available for practice.  We have a pretty good idea of what most people will want to look at right from the start, so we prioritize as best we can getting more difficult repertoire out first.

Of course, little things can derail that plan, like programming not finalized early enough, music not arriving on time or coming with parts in terrible shape…..and then there’s the chronological deadline of the actual rehearsals, which sometimes change, or an added special with less traditional artists or rep and little advance notice.

But we did have quite a bit ready yesterday by the time the orchestra showed up for its first afternoon rehearsal and evening concert — some 65 pieces of music covering a mix of 8 programs.  Half of those programs were 2-in-1 with numerous guest artists (pops and gala) as well as orchestra-only segments.  We were also ready for the first 3 classics programs which are plenty daunting, as well as a pre-season rehearsal with the music director on repertoire coming up in the first six weeks.

If you’d been in the library at about 11:30 that morning, though, you wouldn’t have thought we’d make it.  Despite the push to start this process early (we’ve been working on some of the classics programs since April), rental orders placed back in May and June, long steady hours of marking, correcting and organizing sets of parts and scores, and coming in a few extra days and weekends to make the deadline — we were still producing parts, running order sheets, stuffing folders and putting them out right up to about an hour before the rehearsal.  We slammed out another 4 sets of folders in record time (in addition to the 3 already out), and then ate lunch.  Yikes.

When everyone started showing up they were friendly and mostly patient, and seemed satisfied with the amount of music available to them.  There were a few questions about when some other parts for later programs would be ready, but nothing serious.  All-in-all, it was an impressive showing that hardly anyone would actually notice except us, but that’s good enough for me.  I am very proud of the library’s efforts and achievement, once again anticipating what the players need and delivering not only well-prepared parts but also excellent service to the entire organization.

Gold star for us!


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  1. Michael said,

    Congrats on a job well done! You all amaze me!

  2. kschnack said,

    Thank you Michael — you know you are welcome to come back and help out any time!! 😉

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