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All in a Day’s Work

Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on August 20, 2009

There was quite a bit of administrative-y work to do today, because so many programs are being finalized in a flurry before the start of the season.  So, here was my day, as best I can remember it at this point:

  • Listened to voice messages and returned any calls needing information ASAP
  • Checked e-mail, skimming through all and answered any that were quick and/or urgent
  • Read news articles and posts about relevant industry items, including MOLA Forum
  • Sorted through all programs for first two specials and first two pops, checking rep, instrumentation, progress on music arrival, prep, and readiness for both orchestral halves and guest artist segments
  • Requested fee quotes for rental pieces on upcoming pops programs just approved
  • Identified copyright/licensing/rights issues about February program with dancers
  • Corresponded with artist rep and librarian for materials of artist going on world tour which must be coordinated between orchestras, also addressed rental fees, requested scores for conductor
  • Contacted publisher about licensing question for copyrighted work and special usage
  • Answered mgt about rights question for city’s use of Copland excerpt on project
  • Briefly discussed with Assistant Artistic Administrator ongoing long-term OPAS data entry project of performance history, she is now starting on files pre-1975
  • Talked to guest artist’s conductor/arranger about shipment of music, concert order sheets, instrumentation, while simultaneously bowing parts for another concert
  • LUNCH!
  • Updated program data in OPAS* for first pops program with added work and encore
  • Made order sheet for first pops program 1st half, stuffed wind** folders and put out
  • Checked through 1st classics folders one last time and put out winds
  • Made string parts for pops special and bound, bowed and numbered them
  • Helped players who came to pick up music
  • Alerted various players about instrumentation questions
  • Checked Christmas commissioning agreement for specs of parts and scores plus deadline for arrival of materials – worked out changes with Ops
  • Requested perusal recording from publisher for artistic administration
  • Generally compared three different Alexander Nevsky vocal score publications DSO owns for legibility, rehearsal systems, Russian translation and transliteration, determined how many more we will purchase that can fit into the budget and which of the old ones we can use
  • Cleaned out and answered (some!) e-mails in the queue from vacation
  • Filed e-mails, program updates, etc.
  • More stuff that I can’t remember
  • Brought home stack of string parts for commission and did bowings tonight

*OPAS is our repertoire database, from which all programming worksheets, concert order sheets, schedules, repertoire reports and ASCAP/BMI reporting are generated.

**When using the word “winds” in terms of the orchestra parts, librarians mean everything but strings, inclusive of winds, brass, percussion, harp, keyboard, and other (in Score Order!).

G’night.  I’m pooped!


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