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The Music Trunks Are Not Bottomless: Mvt. II

Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on July 9, 2009

Darren McHenry, our Bass Trombonist, is very funny. (Just for the record, he gave me permission to write on the blog about this.)

First, he asked me tonight what the rehearsal order was for next week.

Uh, the orchestra is off next week until the end of August.  He kind of had me there for a second, and then of course we all had a good laugh.  Wise guy.

Then, after our final concert tonight (which was spectacular and which I will write more about later), he asked if he could get his folder for the fall.  He was pulling my leg of course, to raise a typical librarian reaction, and then ran off laughing.  I told him I was so glad he had brought that up because I was going to write about it.  I’d had a few similar requests from folks who weren’t joking.

So, I say this with amusement, affection, and absolute awareness that you guys want and need your parts as soon as possible so you can prepare for the opening of next season.  I totally get it and completely understand.

No, I don’t have your parts for the fall on July 8th up here at 8,000 feet above sea level in my three little trunks stuffed with 75 pieces of music plus back-up scores and parts, supplies, first aid kit, wind weights for the conductors’ scores, extra paper and concert order sheets, cough drops, programs from the festival for our records, synth discs for bell and cannon sounds, an extra baton, and – “Nimrod.”

Nope, don’t have them.  I’m sorry.

You’ll have to come to the hall when we are back in Dallas to check out music for the beginning of the classical season which starts around mid-September or for the pops openers that start at the end of August.  Probably it won’t all be ready until at least the second week in August.  I know you are going on vacation, but it’s truly the best we can do given when programs are finalized, rental music arrives, and our own vacation schedule.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And, as my friend Amy Wagliardo, DSO Director of Operations says…………….





2 Responses to 'The Music Trunks Are Not Bottomless: Mvt. II'

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  1. Errika said,

    Karen –

    I so miss being over there with you and enjoying the commentary on librarianhood! Glad to see that little has changed. Have a great vacation – Summer is here and you deserve a break. Take good care.


  2. kschnack said,

    Aww, thanks Errika! We sure miss you, and your ability to see the humor in every situation. I do try to channel you whenever I can, and think of you often! K

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