From the Orchestra Library

A Few Days to Regroup

Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on May 29, 2009
Library work counter under summer seige!

Library work counter under summer seige!

With the orchestra out of the hall for parks concerts and no more rehearsals for another week, the library has a brief breather in which to regroup. We have already “unstuffed” the folders for the final classics and pops season programs, put away the works we own and sent back rental materials (if those are not returned to the publisher quickly, within a week or two, fees are charged and that can really add up). We have also made considerable headway on the remaining summer programs, but find ourselves spending many days putting together two lengthy and complicated pops programs for our Vail residency that occur over the July 4th weekend. Luckily, a couple of the other programs for the festival have already been rehearsed or performed so the folders are ready for those.

Nevertheless, we can’t really let up yet. Back-up sets and scores for the major works that will go out on tour have to be acquired and prepared. An emergency program has to be readied to cover for any number of possible situations — a guest artist that cancels, a conductor that becomes ill, a last-minute program change due to events as yet unknown. Encores have to be determined and prepared. In the meantime, planning and preparation for next season has to be fully underway by June so that we can be ready for September. To that end, we are already placing orders for music rental and purchase of next season’s repertoire, pulling materials we own to assess what needs to be done for each set, ordering extra scores as needed for the conductors, finding out what the string size will be for each program so we mark the right number of parts, and giving the first stand parts to the concertmaster and principal strings so they can check bowings. All of this has to be done well in advance or there is no chance of success later on.

Oh yeah, and it’s also time to clean up the library — once a year, whether it needs it or not…….. It should be declared a disaster in there!


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