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Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on May 28, 2009

Some of the orchestra players have been spotted staring at the bulletin board where we post the upcoming repertoire as if in a trance, eyes glazed, trying to keep all the programs  straight.  This is not unlike what the librarians have been doing for the past month in the library, only there we call it “The Wall of Fear”.  By now, our list has gotten shorter and the orchestra’s has gotten much longer, so the reality is beginning to set in.   It was reported that one player read the list of folders out loud (to no one in particular) and another took a picture.  That inspired me to show you these lists so you could also enjoy the moment.  Photo credit: Amy Wagliardo, DSO Director of Operations Keeping the Folders Straight150 Pieces in 6 Weeks!


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  1. Now I understand why that box of Broadway charts was so important to have in your library, like yesterday…

    • kschnack said,

      Speaking of librarians helping each other, Ella, you were fantastic about getting those charts to us and also the accompanying details about instrumentation. Thank you! Trust me, when we get this concert finished there is going to plenty of blogging on it — a perfect example of what the summer season in the orchestra library is about!

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