From the Orchestra Library

From the Orchestra Library

Posted in Uncategorized by kschnack on May 21, 2009

This is a new blog about life in the orchestra library.  Stay tuned for regular updates about what it’s like to keep the music playing — starting with Memorial Day concerts and gearing up for the summer season!


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  1. Bill Smith said,

    I have had some small glimpses, second hand, into the frustrations of Orchestra Librarians. My brother, who was Assistant Principal Cellist in a major symphony orchestra, told me he was continually getting notes from their librarian to the effect, “Please, Mr. Smith, refrain from doodling in the margins of your music. It gives us too many long hours erasing them. Also, we’re running low on copier paper, because we want to preserve the doodles before we erase them!”

    I don’t suppose he is the only orchestral cartoonist alive.

    Bill (no relation to the West Chester Smiths) Smith

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